Aggregated info and tools in a themed layout

What is Chomptr:

Chomptr (Pronounced "chomp tur") is:


There are 26 tools so far. The newest is "Simple Search Engine Box"

Actor Movie Search

Search for movies starring one or more actors in scraped movie data from Wikipedia (last updated in April 2023).

Actor names are comma-delimited, e.g. "Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise".

Analogue Clock (local time)

Show your browser's local time as an analogue clock with hour/minute/second hands

Authorization Box

Log in / Log out / Verify Email / Reset Password.

Chomptr Thing Simulator

Simulates a Chomptr Thing which sets its status to the given string

Chomptr Thing Status

A simple Box for demonstrating getting the status of a Chomptr Thing (status is stored by Chomptr)

Chomptr Websocket Thing Status

A simple Box for demonstrating receiving realtime data from a Chomptr Websocket Thing

Convert Color Codes

Convert colors between different codes and match to color names
* RGB - red/green/blue
* HEX - hexadecimal
* HSL - hue/saturation/lightness

Convert Distance

Convert distances between two different units. Precision is selectable in Box Settings (click the gear icon)

Countdown Timer

Will do a simple countdown from a given amount of time. Flashes the box when the remaining time reaches zero.

Digital Clock (local time)

Show local time as a digital clock

Epoch time viewer

Seconds since January 1, 1970

File Checksum Compare

Drop one or more files to calculate checksums. Files are grouped by checksum by default so that it is easy to see which files are duplicates. To change this option, click the gear icon in the box header. This Box does not require files to be uploaded to Chomptr - checksums are calculated locally

Iframe - webpages in a Box

Load a website in a Chomptr Box using an Iframe. In order for this to work, the website cannot be blocking loading in iframes ("x-frame-options" header cannot be set to "deny" for the page that you want to load)

Some suggested URLs are from


Verify that a given URL or URLs can be viewed in an iframe. One URL per line. Calls to each URL are done locally, by the browser. Note: the URL is stripped to the origin (eg. ->

Image Convert to PNG/JPEG

Convert an image from most formats into a JPEG or PNG file. You can drag-and-drop up to 100 images at a time, and this tool will return a ZIP file of the converted images.

Image Viewer

This Box displays the image at a given URL. Change "sizing" to either "cover" or "contain" to affect how the image is scaled to the Box frame.

Letter and Word Counter

Count the number of lines, words, letters, numerals, punctuation in a block of text

QR Code Create

Creates a QR code instantly from supplied text or URL

Simple Date Display

Show the date in the browser's locale format

Simple Search Engine Box

Simple box that opens a search in a new browser tab

Simple Textarea

A simple text area that can be used for notes or a TODO list

Sort - Alphanumeric

Sort words alphanumerically

Theme Tester

This Box, uses mainly by Chomptr developers, is used for testing different themes and seeing how the styling is applied to different DOM elements.


Displays current weather for a given location (city name or ZIP code) using browser API calls to Five minute refresh interval

Webpage Status and MD5

Watch a URL for downtime and content changes. This is done by intermittently doing a GET requestto the supplied URL. The header "X-Forwarded-For" is set to your IP address.

When the request returns, a checksum (sha256) of the page content is returned to this tool.

Later, it will be possible to monitor more than one URL at a time.

Page monitoring stops if the browser tab is closed or the Box is closed.

YouTube Player

Plays a YouTube video in an Iframe